Who Am I

A documentary by Caleb Vinson, USA, 2018

Running time: 1 hr 40 min 46 sec

MPAA rating: Not yet rated

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Journey with Dr. Ming Jie Wu into an ancient healing practice.  A story of compassion, teaching and healing.


At the age of 3, Dr. Ming Jie Wu witnessed his father cure his sister's asthma with ancient Chinese herbs.  This left a deep impression on young Ming, who was amazed.  At a tender age Ming decided to dedicate himself to the ancient practice of Taoist Chinese Medicine (TCM) like his father and grandfather before him.  TCM is based on taoist philosophy.  Health is achieved through the balance and harmony of the whole body system, mind and spirit.  This interconnected and interdependent relationship is understood as yin and yang. 

Experience Ming’s story, philosophy, and wisdom, as he teaches and heals in China and the U.S.  His practices and beliefs are almost but lost in modern day.  He encourages and teaches us to take back our power, gain a deeper understanding of “Who Am I” and maintain a healthy balance.   We see that much of this is in stark contrast to the western approach to medicine and health.  Ming wants us not to be a passive patient, but to learn how to take care of ourselves and then teach and help others. 

The teachings are deep.  The interactions touching.  The testimonies heart wrenching and triumphant.   You may learn, perhaps even awaken. You may cry and you may cheer.  This documentary will touch your spirit and uplift your soul.  

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Director’s Statement

I’ve known Ming, a Taoist Chinese Medical doctor,  since 2007.  He is my personal doctor, friend and teacher.  I’ve always been impressed with Ming’s approach to life, his philosophy, his kindness, his giving, and his service to humanity.  Ming is a phenomenal human being.

In 2015, my family and I were going with Ming to visit his hometown in the countryside of Southeast China.  Ming was invited there to speak at a Traditional Chinese Medical Oncologist Conference and give free healings at clinics and hospitals.  I was planning on filming those experiences.  

I talked about this with my friends who encouraged me to go deeper. The thoughts from those conversations filled my meditations.   A jolt of excitement came over me.  I felt compelled to share his story. 

Through my experiences, I’ve always thought it's important to share with others that there are alternatives to maintaining health outside of the western medical system. 

And from all this came the documentary, Who Am I.

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Ming’s Bio

Dr. Ming Jie Wu is a third generation Chinese Herbalist, doctor of Taoist Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a Master of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  

Dr. Wu’s healing practice is supported by his years of research and experience in energy, medicine, and meditation.  With many published editorials and research papers to his credit, Dr. Wu is recognized in The Annals of China’s Contemporary Famous Doctors and has been honored by: The Henan TCM Institute, China Taoist Qi Gong Research Association, The International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Stanford University.

Most recently, on May 12, 2018, Dr. Wu was honored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives in recognition of his success in promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi, enhancing health and healing the mind, body, and spirit.


Director's Bio

Caleb Vinson is a talented film maker and photographer known for his distinct style, artistry, soulful expression of life and for telling stories about the human experience in an intimate and up close way. There is a haunting beauty in his work that will touch your heart and lift your spirit.

In 2006, his first documentary, Why Baltimore Why?, won him the Outstanding Achievement Award of his graduating class from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  His 2014 documentary release, Koentopp, was a Best Shorts awards winner, and an Official Selection of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival.

His most recent documentary, Who Am I, is just now being released.  Caleb also has done many professional promos (including for the Four Seasons), music videos, and numerous artistic projects.  

Caleb Vinson was born in NYC, raised in Connecticut, and currently makes his home in Chicago with his wife, Rachel.

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Eastern medicine look at the whole body, and also we have to find the root cause.
See, as a patient you have power.  It’s a human right.
I’m not gonna use chemical to treat symptom.
Because fear gonna kill you more than the problem.
If you have fear, scared, panic, fear, that mean you lost who am I.
Yin yang in everything, in our life, in the universe.
A lot of time we have monkey mind. That mean people worry, anxiety is not really who am I.
The best doctor sometimes they hiding in the corner, not commercial.